Hey guys! I finally have a Sunday off of work, which means I have time to post something new. Between work and school, my life is currently CRAY!….Uhhh December I am going to need for you to show your face as soon as possible. It’s slowly but surely getting cooler here in Atlanta, especially at night. One of my Favorite Fall Items to rock in this cool weather has got to be my Moto Jacket. I purchased this jacket at H&M, this time last year. Continue Reading

I am so big on wearing earth tones in the fall, the color combinations just work with the season changes. By earth tones I am referring to browns, nudes, grey and olives. The list is definitely not limited to these colors those are just a few of my favs. I added a couple pictures to show you how I put together my Fall inspired look.

Happy October everyone! I cant believe the year is almost over…this year the countdown to December is real for me, because ill finally be Graduating from College, it’s been a long time coming. Anyway! I just wanted to do a quick Fall Style Post for you all. Continue Reading