Seriously, I LOVE distressed boyfriend denim! Between skinny, high waist, tapered jeans etc. boyfriend jeans equal MY FAV! Aside from the fact that they are extremely comfortable, they give women the perfect relaxed look without over doing it. I often feel like we as women think that our clothing has to be extremely tight and fitted for us to look and feel sexy, BUT that is so not the case! Sexiness and confidence comes from within, as long as you feel great and know you look good in what you have on that is all that matters! Continue Reading

I know it’s been a short while, but I have lots of pictures to share with you all! 2 weeks ago I celebrated my 25th Birthday, my actual birth date is March 19th, and I had my “Z-Day” extravaganza on the 21st. Overall, I had an amazing time and I genuinely could not think of any better way to celebrate such a huge milestone in my life than with my closest friends and family. Below is a quick slideshow of some fun pictures taken at my party by an amazing local Atlanta photographer, Dex. Continue Reading