After a week or so of non-stop rain, we finally had a sunny day in Atlanta, and I had to take full advantage of it. I’ve been slowly, but surely adding different items to my closet for the F/W seasons, and this over-sized denim jacket was a must have for me! I purchased this jacket from Goodwill for $5.95. NEVER SLEEP ON THRIFTING! But I will admit, this was my first time thrifting again in over a year. I had to stop for a minute because honestly thrifting and shopping at Goodwill can be quite addictive, especially when you’re good at it. Goodwill and various thrift stores seemed to be getting all of my money at one point in time. I was buying all my sweaters, jackets, jewelry, belts, etc. from various thrift stores. Although the items weren’t expensive, trust me it adds up… so that basically sums up why I had to take a break from it. Continue Reading