Happy Holidays!! I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful holiday season with your loved ones. I know this is an extremely busy time of year so I am going to keep this post short and to the point. I love wearing ponchos/shawls in the winter season! Although it has been rather warm so far in Atlanta, this particular day it was chilly enough for a poncho. Since I am a petite girl, I sometimes like to create shape when I am wearing ponchos depending on what look I am going for. Ponchos consist of a ton of fabric and can at times appear unflattering, but I have a few tips that will help guide you on how to wear your poncho depending on your personal style. Continue Reading

I realize NYE is this week and if you haven’t found the perfect outfit yet, you’re certainly looking now! I put together four looks that would be great for any NYE party that you attend. As I’ve been looking through magazines, websites, blogs etc. the common trend for NYE looks this year is velvet material and faux fur, and I LOVE both. Personally, I am not really into the sequins look so I would advise anyone to add the sparkle to your look with fabulous jewelry.

Where ever you end up this NYE, please be safe and have an amazing time!

xoxo, Posh Continue Reading

It is exactly 14 days left until the New Year and I cannot believe how fast time flies! I remember exactly what I did for New Years Eve last year and what I wore like it was yesterday. At this point, we are all thinking of our New Year’s resolutions, what we plan to let go of in 2016, and things that we want to accomplish. Have you ever thought to add your style plans for 2016 into that mix? I certainly have! What will make 2016 YOUR most stylish year to date? I put together 5 fashion resolutions that will assist you in your style decision making process and I had some help in doing so. Continue Reading

So in case you didn’t know, the super flared look is back like never before! I remember when I was in middle school, flared jeans were all I wore until the style evolved into skinny jeans. I love these flared pants in particular because they are super comfortable, with a slightly edgy look and chic appeal. You can pair your flared jeans/pants with your favorite chunky sweater, or dress them up with a stylish blazer for the F/W season. In my opinion, the three super stylish celebs that are known for rocking flared jeans/ pants REALLY well are Kourtney Kardashian, Rachel Zoe and Victoria Beckham. Each of these ladies have their own unique style that I personally love and appreciate. PLUS, they are all mothers who’ve maintained their style even after having children (#mommygoals). Continue Reading

The Holiday Season is here and it’s time to start gift shopping, if you haven’t begun already. Gift shopping can be extremely difficult and a tad discouraging, especially when you’re trying to stay within a certain budget. I put together a small gift guide of items I am sure all women will love and appreciate for Christmas! Everything is under $100 minus the headphones, but they’re still a decent price. I hope you are all enjoying the Holiday Season & remember do not wait until the last minute to shop online or in store, save yourself from the crowd and the headache! Continue Reading