My Fall Mood board is here, as I promised in my previous post! Mood boards can be your best friend or worst enemy depending on how you use it. In general, a mood board is a collage or arrangement of various images, text or samples used to visually illustrate a style you are pursuing. Typically, when I am creating my mood boards, I pursue various sources such as style magazines, my favorite online stores, and various social media outlets for inspiration. But, my first source of inspiration is always me, and my personal mood at the time. This fall I plan to stray away from wearing the typical earth tones, although I will be seen rocking olive green from time to time. I guarantee that! I am currently obsessing over light blush tones, denim on denim, and gray, so I made sure my mood board is reflective of that.

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As the summer season sadly comes to an end, we have about two weeks left to wear the remainder of our summer clothing before the temperature really begins to change . Personally, this saddens me because I am not looking forward to cold weather. Everyone says you dress better in the F/W, but I’ll have to agree to disagree with that statement because I feel as though I am just as fly in both summer and winter. YES! I am tooting my own horn lol Continue Reading

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On March 21, 2015 I decided to do the big chop. I explained why I cut my hair in one of my posts last year, but to sum it up, I JUST WANTED TO! When it comes to my hair, I am always ready to try something different. Yes! Chopping it all off was a tremendous leap, but I am so glad I did. My hair is now the healthiest it has EVER been. In the past, my hair was lengthy and very full but I also had major heat damage from using a flat iron 24/7. Personally, I’ll take short, full healthy strands versus long heat damaged hair ANY DAY! Continue Reading

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