It is November 8, 2017 and I am writing my first blog post in almost 6 months. In a way I feel as though I should be reintroducing myself to you all, but I’ll get back to that. For those of you who have been reading along¬†with me for some time now, I admit to you that I lost focus in some way.

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Happy October 1st to my lovely readers! I hope this month is filled with new and amazing opportunities for each of you as we so graciously approach the end of the year. The month of October is extremely significant! Why? Because it is National Breast Cancer Awareness month! This month there will be dozens of campaigns organized by various breast cancer awareness charities to raise money for research and for those affected by breast cancer, as well as bring awareness to the disease, causes, preventative measures and more. Today, the spotlight is on the Atlanta based non-profit breast cancer organization, Painted Pink.

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I seriously cannot believe this is the last week of February, and not to mention my Birthday is next month! Earlier this month I sat down and did my first in person interview, with a super beautiful young lady by the name of Ashley Nicole. Ashley and I began following one another on Instagram a while ago, and from the beginning I admired her style, and her artwork. Towards the end of last year, I began brainstorming various categories I wanted to add to my blog, and interviewing local women whom I admire was on that list of additions. Continue Reading

This is my first post of the new year, so I guess it would be appropriate to say Happy New Year! I planned on doing a style post last week, but of course the winter cold caught up with me and I’ve been super under the weather. I have a look to post this week though, no worries! As I said before I am trying to add new ideas into my blog for the New Year. I am going to start adding short monthly book reviews of whatever I am reading at the moment. Reading is SUPER fundamental, and I use to be an avid reader then life happened and all I found myself reading was school books. So to encourage myself to read more, and to encourage my readers to do the same I am going to start reviewing a new book each month! My January #poshread of the month is Sophia Amoruso’s, #GIRLBOSS. Continue Reading