Happy October 1st to my lovely readers! I hope this month is filled with new and amazing opportunities for each of you as we so graciously approach the end of the year. The month of October is extremely significant! Why? Because it is National Breast Cancer Awareness month! This month there will be dozens of campaigns organized by various breast cancer awareness charities to raise money for research and for those affected by breast cancer, as well as bring awareness to the disease, causes, preventative measures and more. Today, the spotlight is on the Atlanta based non-profit breast cancer organization, Painted Pink.

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The goal of Painted Pink is to educate and bring awareness about breast cancer to millennials. As millennials, we often believe that we can not be directly affected by breast cancer at such a young age, but this is certainly not the case. The Founder of Painted Pink, Ann-Marie Appiah experienced her first lumpectomy in 2012 to remove painful lumps from her breast and her second lumpectomy in 2015. This health scare prompted Ann-Marie to make certain lifestyle adjustments in terms of her health, as well as research her family medical history.

After successfully conducting two breast cancer charity luncheons and raising 10k , Ann-Marie decided that it was time to take Painted Pink to the next level but she knew that she could not do it alone. Painted Pink is now made up of five equally amazing young ladies who assist in educating individuals about breast health, nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices, exercise and the benefits of using organic products.

This month, it is my goal to encourage my readers to research general facts about breast cancer, including the causes, risk factors and preventative measures. Knowledge is power, and educating yourself on such a significant topic whether you are or have been directly affected by breast cancer, is extremely beneficial. You can join the movement by volunteering, getting involved with friends and families to start your own fundraiser,partnering with national or local charities, such as Painted Pink, and simply donating. To donate to the Painted Pink organization click on the provided link.


Show your support in style by rocking PINK this month! Whether it be pink nails, pink accessories, or a pair of statement pink cigarette pants. There are many ways that you can bring awareness to a cause, and Fashion is one of them! Also, if you are in the Atlanta area please join me as I support Painted Pink at their third annual 2016 Breast Cancer Bruncheon. This Brunch will honor breast cancer survivors and supporters. Painted Pink will be hosting various events all month long. Please check out their events page to learn how you can purchase your tickets!


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