On March 21, 2015 I decided to do the big chop. I explained why I cut my hair in one of my posts last year, but to sum it up, I JUST WANTED TO! When it comes to my hair, I am always ready to try something different. Yes! Chopping it all off was a tremendous leap, but I am so glad I did. My hair is now the healthiest it has EVER been. In the past, my hair was lengthy and very full but I also had major heat damage from using a flat iron 24/7. Personally, I’ll take short, full healthy strands versus long heat damaged hair ANY DAY!

Once I cut my hair, I was unsure whether I was going to continue cutting it into the tapered style I chose or just let it grow out. Last summer I did cut my sides and back once, but from that point I decided I wanted to let my hair grow. This past January, I received my first press and trim since I cut my hair last March. Yes, 10 months ZERO heat! I’m not sure about you, but for me that is a major deal. Of course, I was loving the straight look because my hair had grown a lot since my big chop. I also knew that if I wanted to continue letting my hair grow, the straight hair and flat iron had to go once again.

From January up until now I have been recycling the same products: Suave Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner, Kinky-Curly Knot Today and Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In conditioners, Shea Moistures Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel, and Coconut Oil. I am constantly asked how I style my hair. The answer is simple: Two-strand twists and Flat twists, that is it. After I received my press and trim in January, I stopped going to a stylist because I wanted to focus on growing my hair back. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE going to the hair salon, but I sometimes feel as though stylist are not concerned with the health of your hair and just styling it to get you out of the chair and the next client in. No! My opinion is certainly not reflective of all hair stylists but in the past I have experienced this with a few. So this year I have been caring for and maintaining my hair on my own, and I’ve most definitely saved a lot of money doing so!

My biggest bit of advice is if you’re trying to grow your hair out from a big chop or just trying to get your hair back to a healthy state is to find the products that work best with your texture and LEAVE IT ALONE! What I’m saying is try out styles that are as low maintenance as possible. I love two strand twists and flat twists because for the first few days (3-4) I typically don’t even take them out and once I do, my curly fro lasts for about a week. From that point, it’s wash day and I go through the same process again, which is super low maintenance if you ask me.

On August 25th I received my second press and trim, and yes I did go to a stylist for these services. I was so pleased with the results and the amount of length my hair has retained since my first trim 7 months ago. In fact, the stylist mentioned that I barely needed a trim and my hair felt and looked super healthy. I guess my process has been working after all! I probably won’t get another trim nor straighten my hair again until sometime next year, I’m hoping to retain a lot more growth in the next few months. I have created a list of the products I regularly use below, and how I use them. I hope this post helps those who are going through that awkward stage after the “big chop.” If your plan is to grow your hair back, remember to choose products that work best with your hair type, stick with low maintenance styles, and ALWAYS drink plenty of water!


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