I’ve been getting so many questions concerning my hair lately. I am ready to give you all the run down on products and an updated hair routine. Some of the products that I have been using lately come from the HASK Hair Care Line. If you’re a fellow naturalista, you are probably very particular about the products you use on your hair, particularly the ingredients. All of the products in the HASK Hair Care Line are free of artificial colors, sulfates, gluten, parabens, drying alcohol, and phthalates. Organic Coconut Oil has been my hair’s best friend lately, and the coconut oil products from HASK are amazing. First, the product fragrances are really great! If you’re anything like me, that is the first thing I am concerned with. The shampoo and conditioner have a super light, fresh scent, but you can definitely smell the coconut oil. After washing and conditioning my hair with these products, my hair was super shiny and felt extremely moisturized. Also, the oil, which is pictured above, is very light-weight and adds some extra shine to your hair. I typically apply this type of oil directly to my hair and away from my roots, because my hair is naturally very oily. Later this week, I’ll be using the deep conditioner from the HASK Hair Care Line, as a revitalizing hair treatment, so I will definitely update you on how my hair turned out after using it.


As far as my styling routine, I’ve changed things up a bit. When my hair was A LOT shorter, I was using the coiling method on the shorter sides and back, while using flexi-rods at the top. Now that my hair has grown at least an inch or two, I wanted to try something different. Lately I’ve been doing the two-strand-twist method on the sides and back, and flat twisting the top. Twisting my hair gives my curls a much more defined look. My hair is also able to retain lots of moisture, styling it this way. Maintenance is also super quick and easy. I usually just wear a silk bonnet at night and pick it out to my desired style in the morning. After 2-3 days the curls can get a little wild so I refresh by making chunky twists all over with just a few flat twists at the top. This requires you to spray your hair to wet it slightly, so you can maintain that deep curl pattern.


I try to retain as much moisture as possible in my hair (particularly in the winter season) and I do so by using the LOC (leave in, oil, cream) method. I make sure that whatever leave-in conditioner I am using is also a de-tangler, so that combing my hair out is easy! As I said before, I am loving coconut oil right now, but I use various styling creams when twisting my hair. I always let my twists stay in for a full 24 hours before untwisting for that defined look, plus my hair takes awhile to dry because I typically air dry.

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