Happy Saturday and Happy November to my lovely readers! I realize I have not posted on my blog in almost a month (inserts struggle face emoji lol) but I promise I have a good excuse, or shall I say, I have a good reason! To give you a quick update. I have been brainstorming various content ideas for my blog in 2017 and I recently started a new job! I will update you on that soon. As the end of the year approaches, I always tend to reflect on what I have accomplished so far. This year one of my main accomplishments was revamping my blog! Now that I am completely satisfied with the look of my blog, I feel as though I need to make a huge transition with respect to the content that I post. I have lots of new ideas for 2017, so I hope you stay tuned!


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It is my goal to create meaningful content that will assist and inspire my readers. Of course, I will continue to post my fashion looks and let you know where I purchase my clothing, in hopes this will add to your shopping pleasure. However, I mainly want to inspire you in my writing!!

I am a certified blogger stalker! I have a list of my favorite bloggers whom I have subscribed to. Along with admiring their style, I also admire their content. If I could classify my favorite type of blogger it would be those who write to inspire, and that is what I want to mirror as I make this transition.

As a blogger, we are always concerned with keeping the attention of our readers and creating consistent content so our audience continues to come back for more. That is all great, but I prefer writing and reading genuine content that we all can relate to as women, versus rushed content, just to get views and page clicks. For me, blogging began as something I was merely interested in, but as I have begun to invest more time in doing this, it has evolved into a passion. I want my passion for blogging to exude through the content I post as well.

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View More: http://kelsbutcherphotography.pass.us/zenobiaoctober

5 ways to create more meaningful content:
1.) Knowing what inspires you– As a blogger you are looked at as a source of inspiration for other people, but it is important to know who and/or what inspires you the most as well.
2.) Create content that YOU would want to read– This goes hand in hand with what you’re wearing in a post or the beauty products you’re currently using. I would never collaborate with a company just to receive paid promotion and exposure if I genuinely am not fond of their clothing. Also, I would never create a sponsored post with a beauty product that I have not tried for myself at least once. Of course, I want what I write about to ultimately be interesting to my readers, but I need to love what I am writing about as well.
3.) Ask your audience for feedback– I love getting feedback from you all as well as my friends and family on what I should write about or past posts that you found beneficial. This way I know what interests my readers and it is also a great way to build relationships.
4.) Speak on your own experiences– There is nothing more meaningful than something you have actually experienced. As bloggers we are basically trying to get people to know who we are and to like us without actually meeting you face-to-face. And boy, is it difficult! As my blog develops, it’s my responsibility to create content that will give my audience a better understanding of who I am. What better way to do this than to share some of my own experiences with you!
5.) Lastly, Be YOURSELF!– I realize that blogging is a very saturated industry, but honestly every other “industry” is too. So when people say “everyone’s a blogger” it’s kind of corny in my opinion. Just like everyone is a blogger, everyone is also a makeup artist, hairstylist, boutique owner, corporate professional, etc., etc. Whatever industry you’re in, it’s SATURATED. Your duty is to bring your own flavor into whatever it is you’re doing and own it!View More: http://kelsbutcherphotography.pass.us/zenobiaoctober


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