Happy Saturday Everyone! As Spring approaches, it’s time for us to begin putting away our heavy winter clothing and cleaning out our closets. This Spring I want to try and add more color into my wardrobe, just to step out of my comfort zone a bit. It is very obvious that neutral colors have been trending lately, but as I begin to shop online and in-store for my spring attire, I am noticing a change in that. Spring calls for a more colorful wardrobe anyway!

With this particular look, my statement color is obviously Yellow. The colors I have on actually remind me of Mod Fashion. Mod, short for modernism began in the late 1950s on into the 60s era when fashion for both men and women began to shift into a more modern style. During this time, color blocking was IN! As I was researching (googling) Mod Fashion most of the colors that people wore during this time were bright yellow, oranges, pinks and pastels, a black and white. Just very bold and loud colors and patterns in general.




Heel and Sandals that lace/string up! Sooooooo IN right now, that is literally all I have been seeing, and I love it because these type of shoes are easily adjustable to fit any size foot and leg. Me personally, I have the hardest time shoe shopping and I always have because my foot is extremely narrow and my ankles are super tiny. So these type of heels (pictured above) definitely work for me, and surprisingly I purchased these shoes over five years ago and I can still rock them today! That is the significance in buying statement and timeless items, they hardly ever go out of style!




-Details on this look-

Top: Forever 21

Skirt & Moto Jacket: H&M

Handbag: Forever 21

Shoes: Bakers


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