Hello Spring! I realize I am a full week late. Last weekend, was actually pretty crazy. I celebrated my Birthday for three full days with all of my amazing friends. I may do a quick post at some point with details on my various birthday looks. BUT! Moving right along into this quick post, I know I am not the only one rolling my eyes at the recent Instagram updates. For the people using Instagram just to share picture moments, I know this isn’t that big of a deal to you. But, for those who are using Instagram as a way to continue building a brand, this is very much annoying. Continue Reading

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So…I feel like at some point every blogger discusses why they began blogging. I realize I probably should have done this a while ago, but as of late I have been getting a lot of general questions about my blog, and why I started blogging. Well! first and foremost, I have always admired style bloggers and various Tumblr accounts. Before Instagram started to boom, I would always stalk my favorite style bloggers. Not so much for inspiration, just because I was super fascinated with their internet lives. One of my favorite bloggers was and will ALWAYS be Karla Deras. Continue Reading

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I seriously cannot believe this is the last week of February, and not to mention my Birthday is next month! Earlier this month I sat down and did my first in person interview, with a super beautiful young lady by the name of Ashley Nicole. Ashley and I began following one another on Instagram a while ago, and from the beginning I admired her style, and her artwork. Towards the end of last year, I began brainstorming various categories I wanted to add to my blog, and interviewing local women whom I admire was on that list of additions. Continue Reading

I’ve been getting so many questions concerning my hair lately. I am ready to give you all the run down on products and an updated hair routine. Some of the products that I have been using lately come from the HASK Hair Care Line. If you’re a fellow naturalista, you are probably very particular about the products you use on your hair, particularly the ingredients. All of the products in the HASK Hair Care Line are free of artificial colors, sulfates, gluten, parabens, drying alcohol, and phthalates. Continue Reading

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I know everyone is on the hunt for that super cute outfit! If you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your friends and having a girls night out or going on a special date night with your man, I’ve put together a few looks to possibly guide you in your shopping needs! Continue Reading

So I’m not sure if ‘Future’ has amplified this fedora hat trend, but either way I am here for it. Fedora style hats can be paired with any outfit to turn up your look and it’s the perfect cover up for not so good hair days. In addition to fedora’s, I am also loving various shades of camel right now. Camel goes well with most skin tones, plus it is a great neutral color to pair with various looks. Continue Reading

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Wherever you’re located, I know without a shadow of a doubt IT IS COLD! Winter weather/storm alerts have been popping up all over Metro Atlanta. I know I have said this before, but winter is definitely NOT my favorite season; although dressing for winter, I LOVE! Of course I am always in dark clothing, and this particular day was no different (inserts side eye because I thought one of my 2016 style resolutions was to add more color into my wardrobe). Continue Reading

This is my first post of the new year, so I guess it would be appropriate to say Happy New Year! I planned on doing a style post last week, but of course the winter cold caught up with me and I’ve been super under the weather. I have a look to post this week though, no worries! As I said before I am trying to add new ideas into my blog for the New Year. I am going to start adding short monthly book reviews of whatever I am reading at the moment. Reading is SUPER fundamental, and I use to be an avid reader then life happened and all I found myself reading was school books. So to encourage myself to read more, and to encourage my readers to do the same I am going to start reviewing a new book each month! My January #poshread of the month is Sophia Amoruso’s, #GIRLBOSS. Continue Reading

Happy Holidays!! I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful holiday season with your loved ones. I know this is an extremely busy time of year so I am going to keep this post short and to the point. I love wearing ponchos/shawls in the winter season! Although it has been rather warm so far in Atlanta, this particular day it was chilly enough for a poncho. Since I am a petite girl, I sometimes like to create shape when I am wearing ponchos depending on what look I am going for. Ponchos consist of a ton of fabric and can at times appear unflattering, but I have a few tips that will help guide you on how to wear your poncho depending on your personal style. Continue Reading

I realize NYE is this week and if you haven’t found the perfect outfit yet, you’re certainly looking now! I put together four looks that would be great for any NYE party that you attend. As I’ve been looking through magazines, websites, blogs etc. the common trend for NYE looks this year is velvet material and faux fur, and I LOVE both. Personally, I am not really into the sequins look so I would advise anyone to add the sparkle to your look with fabulous jewelry.

Where ever you end up this NYE, please be safe and have an amazing time!

xoxo, Posh Continue Reading