Okay! So can we discuss Paris Fashion Week?! The last in the lineup, PFW definitely speaks for itself. So many designers and creative directors have gone leaps and bounds to reveal their new looks for SS15′. High Fashion can be very risky, because the clothing itself tests the limits of normality, but you will probably see me say this a thousand more times, Fashion is all about taking risks and stepping outside of your comfort zone. I wont go down the list of all of the SS15 collections we have seen during PFW thus far, just my Top Three, lol.


Balenciaga is a French couture line, but a little known fact is that it was founded by a Spanish designer, name Cristobal Balenciaga he opened his first boutique in Spain in 1918.

As you can see most of the pieces in this collection seem to be very consistent with the “minimalism” effect and since this is the case the color scheme flows very naturally throughout the entire collection. As you can see the “mesh” transparent clothing look is still in style, and I am predicting that it will certainly carry on to next spring/summer. Alexander Wang is the creative director behind Balenciaga and I would certainly say that he out did himself with this chic yet contemporary collection.



In no particular order my second best collection would have to be none other than Balmain, the name speaks for itself. Over the past year the popularity of this line has grown tremendously. I myself love it, God willing Ill be able to afford it one day, lol. Balmain’s creative director is the ever so gorgeous Olivier Rousteing, that is one Beautiful man and those cheek bones are to die. Anyway! Look below to check out some of the looks for SS15.


Balmain integrated a splash of color into their collection, but above you can see that some of the pieces also have the mesh look, similar to Balenciaga. This is one of the reasons why I am almost certain this look will be a continuous trend for right now.



So! Of course the main reason people come to a Fashion show is to see the new looks that the designers are going to reveal, but they also come to view the set and the runway design. Karl Lagerfeld took the cake this year! The buzz around Chanels runway was so tremendous I honestly feel like people forgot to look at the actual clothing in the collection, I DID!



The runway was meant to resemble a Woman’s Rights Protest. The ensembles that come from the House of Chanel have always been meant to appeal to women of elegance. Women that love the look of suites, blouses, and dresses…strong women. I think this runway idea fit the original meaning behind the collection perfectly.


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