Well Hello There! I know its been well over a month since I’ve posted anything, Im slacking BUT as I said in my previous post, between school and work my down time is minimal to none. I have LESS THAN a month until Graduation though, (twerks, lol) and mark my words, once this semester is over with I will be devoting a lot more time to perfecting and promoting my blog.

But in the meantime, lets get into this Post! The “Posh Style Spotlight” segment of my blog is something I wanted to incorporate to feature creative people whose style and creativity I personally admire. Before I began blogging I always looked at different blogs, and I noticed that in terms of style and fashion they would ONLY post themselves.. which is cool, don’t get me wrong! But I feel like we all admire and/or get inspired by someone else’s view on fashion and style from time to time. With that being said, my first Posh Style Spotlight features the talented Justin Reed, the creative mind behind the clothing line Misfits Rebellion.


Misfits Rebellion Exclusive Interview!

Posh: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your clothing line.

Justin: A brief background about myself my name is Justin Reed I’m an art major out of Georgia State University. I’m from Gwinnett County and I’ve always been into fashion. I’ve officially been working on Misfits Rebellion since 2013 although it didn’t launch until August of this year due to some minor setbacks. The meaning behind the name Misfits Rebellion just stems from wanting to push a movement of non-conformity and challenging what’s considered to be “normal”. But my vision for it is just getting the notion that it’s okay to not fit in and to be different and challenge everything you’re told out to the masses.

Posh: What inspired you to start a clothing line? Also, do you have any artist/designers that you are currently inspired by?

Justin: I’ve always been really into fashion and I’ve always been into drawing. And I used to put pictures from my sketchbook onto my IG (excusemyink) and a lot of people really liked them so I decided to take it to the next level. Sat down plotted out a game plan and executed. I’m inspired by a number of different artists I’m a huge art history fan I draw major influence from Pop artists like Roy Lichtenstein, KAWS, Warhol, & Basquiat. But, I also draw heavy influence from a lot of different cartoonists/painters in the modern era.

Posh: Have you worked with any celebrities to promote your clothing line so far? If not who would you want to see wearing and promoting your line in terms of celeb appeal?

Justin: We haven’t specifically worked with any celebrities but Jim Jones did get his hands on some Misfits Rebellion gear recently. For me ideally I’d like to see any celebrity who liked the movement but mainly some of my favorite athletes/rappers.

Posh: Is this just an individual business venture or do you have any business partners that you are working with?

Justin: This is not an individual business venture I have two business partners. I originally started the line and I handle all the artwork on the clothes, & the overall artistic direction of the line. I have two partners Malcolm Bassett (CFO & Director of Business) & Deleon Blakey (Marketing) and we collectively make up The Rebellion.

Posh: What are your plans as far as expansion with your clothing line? Getting it into retail outlets? Different cities?

Justin: Being that we are a new company (EST. 8/18/14) we’re currently still learning a lot about the fashion industry although we have been progressing rather quickly and garnering a lot of attention but we want to have our line in stores soon. We’ve been approached by some potential stores so that could definitely be something you see in the near future. But this is a movement that lord willing we will be able to take out of Atlanta, then out of the South, then out of the U.S. one day. I think as long as we continue to stay close to the man upstairs and continue to consistently put out a one of a kind products we will be okay.


I would like to Thank Justin for taking the time out to chat with me! The images above include a few looks from Misfits Rebellion’s winter collection. Go online now to check out more gear & make your first purchase!


IG: @excusemyink & @misfitsrebellion

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