Is it a rule that if you’re a style/beauty blogger, that you always have to blog about your outfit or the new products you’re using? Because this post is the complete opposite. I want to briefly talk about the power of writing things down and how doing this has benefited me so much this year. Most people begin the year by writing down their goals, and creating vision boards which is awesome! This year I tried prioritizing my goals by season. We have 2 1/2 months left in the year, and I am sure we all have a few goals left to accomplish in the year 2016.


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At the beginning of the year, I mentioned that one of my best friends, Ariel, bought me the most amazing planner, or shall I say, a time-management system. It was my first time using an actual planner, outside of college. From January up until now I have been writing things down! My goals, to-do list, blog ideas, reminders etc. Most thoughts and activities have been written down either in my planner, a random notebook or my phone. Doing this has helped me to stay organized and on track with what needs to be done.




5 reasons why writing down your thoughts can be beneficial:

1.) It helps you not to forget- I guess this would be the most obvious reason. Each of us lead extremely busy lives, and from time to time you may forget something important. Something as simple as writing down your grocery list can be beneficial. I LIVE by the reminder app under the productivity section in my phone. One thing we all can’t go without are our phones. So this is why I set reminders for mostly everything. My favorite note taking and planner apps include Evernote, Planner Pro and Basecamp 3.
2.) It’s important to see your thoughts on paper- Personally, doing this allows me to organize my thoughts better. It’s something about physically seeing things versus storing thoughts in your head that allow you to process your thoughts much better. When I was a student in college, I preferred taking notes on paper versus on the computer. And I loved making flash cards. YES! I was that student lol!
3.) The feeling of achievement- Reflecting back on the goals I wrote down for myself at the beginning of the year, I see how much I have accomplished. Often times as the months role on so quickly, you can sometimes feel like you haven’t accomplished enough in one year. Keeping track of your vision and ideas on paper not only helps with the planning process, but it is also a great way to be reminded of what you have already accomplished.
4.) You gain a sense of commitment- When an idea is just a thought in your head, it turns into “I’ll get it done tomorrow” which may turn into the following day, which typically turns into never. Writing down your ideas, goals, or to-do’s, can somewhat hold you accountable. It is also important to display your goals somewhere that can be seen 24/7. This is something I am going to work on in the upcoming year!
5.) GIVE YOUR DREAMS A PLAN OF ACTION! This is the most important reason why I write my ideas down, and why you should too! Once you write your dreams and ideas down, they then become a goal. Just think about it, what successful business is run without things being written down and documented? NOT ONE!

I encourage you to write down the remainder of your goals for 2016 and carry this habit into 2017!


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