Natural, Permed, Braided or Weaved up every girl loves new Beauty products for their hair, I know I do! In my previous Beauty post I featured HASK ‘Coconut Oil’ and I am back again with another great HASK product for your luxurious hair. The Mint Almond Oil collection is just as amazing as the Coconut Oil collection. Let me begin this review by saying, the product smells absolutely amazing. Personally, when it comes to my hair products I prefer the mint scent versus fruity because it leaves your hair smelling super fresh.

Each time I’ve used this shampoo and conditioner, my hair felt amazing! Hands down, my favorite product from this collection is the root thickening spray. After washing and conditioning my hair I typically do a twist out, and I spray the root thickening mist all over my scalp when finished. The Almond Oil collection contains Bio3 Thickening Complex, which is a blend of three natural ingredients used to restore volume, fortify and invigorate your hair. When I tell you this spray has helped thicken my hair so much these past couple of months. Of course, my hair has always been thick but I have definitely noticed a great difference since I’ve been using these products.


If you’re a naturalista, I’m sure you love to experiment with various products as well as oils. Almond oil overall has many benefits for natural hair. One of the main benefits of almond oil is that it works as a sealant and hair protector. Almond oil also moisturizes hair from the inside and helps to provide you with shiny and silky looking hair, and who doesn’t want that?! These products can be purchased at a number of drug stores as well as retailer stores such as Target. For my online shoppers, I have provided you with direct links below for your purchasing pleasure. In my next Beauty post I will be discussing ALL of my staple hair products that I use daily, as well as my protective styling routine. If you have experienced the pleasure of using HASK hair care products, I would love to hear from you! Comment below and tell me about your favorite products within the HASK hair care line.

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