Since this is my first post of the New Year, I think it would be appropriate to say Happy New Year to all of my readers! I hope the first week of 2017 served you well, and it is my prayer that this will be a year of great success for each of us. Depending on where you’re located, you’re probably experiencing the extreme chill that January brings. If you’ve been reading my blog consistently you know that I am not a fan of cold weather, whatsoever! In my opinion, the only benefit of the cold season is the chance to show off your best style.

It can be difficult to not just throw on your favorite sweat pants, hoodie and UGG boots during the winter, because I know the main objective is to remain warm. However, that moment will come when you have to do more than put on your favorite bulky coat and boots. I have a few tips that will keep you warm, yet super stylish at the same time. Whether you’re going to work, dressing for date night, or headed on a nice winter day outing with your girls my winter style essentials will keep you looking chic and feeling warm for any occasion!

1) Over the knee boots– Tall boots have been trending for quite some time, and I do not think that they will be going out of style anytime soon! Over the knee boots can be worn with jeans as well as dresses. Keeping your legs warm in the winter is essential. If you decide to pair your over the knee boots with a dress or mini skirt, wear a pair of long socks underneath for extra layering!

2) Knitwear– Almost anything can be purchased in knit material, from sweaters, dresses, to cardigans. Not only is knit super warm, but it is also very comfortable because it tends to be extremely stretchy.
3) Stylish coats– Puffer jackets, faux fur, moto jackets or camel coats. Choosing the perfect coat can be crucial! I suggest finding one neutral toned long coat, which can be worn with almost anything. And a shorter length jacket to compliment your more casual looks, such as the black faux leather moto jacket I am wearing in this post.
4) Perfect accessories– Mixing up your accessories in the winter can be fun! Adding the perfect scarf, hat, gloves or tights to any outfit can spice up your look. These accessories will definitely keep you warm and stylish at the same time!
5) Proper LAYERING!– The best way to stay warm in the winter is to LAYER UP! Feel free to be super creative with your layers. My favorite way to layer any look is by wearing a sweater, moto jacket and patterned poncho to add some flavor to my look, yet keep me super warm. Oversized ponchos are like stylish blankets!

We all have different ways of keeping warm in the winter season, if you have any winter style tips that you live by comment below and let me hear them!


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