As the summer season sadly comes to an end, we have about two weeks left to wear the remainder of our summer clothing before the temperature really begins to change . Personally, this saddens me because I am not looking forward to cold weather. Everyone says you dress better in the F/W, but I’ll have to agree to disagree with that statement because I feel as though I am just as fly in both summer and winter. YES! I am tooting my own horn lol




This summer I was super into the distressed t-shirt look. Pair a distressed tee with your favorite jeans, simple black leggings or cotton skirt and you will surely turn your look up a notch with an edgy vibe. Lately, many celebs like Karreuche, Kylie and Kendall Jenner can be seen rocking these type of tees. I decided to stick with the monochromatic color scheme, with a gray pair of my favorite TOPSHOP jeans. For this cropped tee, these jeans worked out perfectly without exposing too much of my mid area.





Speaking of the color gray, I have been thinking about my fall wardrobe, and I think gray is going to be one of my favorite shades this fall. I will post a visual of things I want to wear this fall in my next style post. When planning looks for a new season, I think it is important to create a personal style “mood board”. By creating a “mood board”, shopping becomes a lot easier and you’re not in the mall or online for hours trying to figure out what you’re going to purchase and what color you’re purchasing the item in. Overall, style “mood boards” reduce the stress of shopping. One of my favorite apps to use to create my mood boards online is Polyvore. As I said, in my next style inspiration post I will share my fall style “mood board” and more details on this app. This is technically the last weekend of summer, I hope you all enjoy it!

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