I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving with your families! For the last three years I was not able to celebrate Thanksgiving or any major Holiday with my family, due to work. All in all, what I am Thankful for the most is now being in a position where I am able to come together with my loved ones, fellowship and create new memories. This year has truly been a learning experience for me. I’ve learned a lot about people, how to endure situations and most importantly, I’ve learned a lot about myself and personal strength.


For the last three years I worked at the Postal Service as a Mail Handler Assistant, basically a factory job. On my website and social media profiles all you see is the glitz and glam, but please believe that getting dressed and being “pretty” was not my life full-time. From May 2013-Decemeber 2014 I was a full-time college student and full-time employee. It was difficult, but like most people who work and go to school full-time, I managed somehow and successfully graduated in December 2014. After graduating, I knew I wanted something better for myself. I was in a position that was physically draining, the hours were outrageous and there was ZERO opportunity for growth and upward mobility.

At the beginning of 2016, I told myself that this would be my last year working at the Postal Service. I went a little harder on my job search, but I was not as consistent as I should have been, due to an ever changing work schedule. I applied for jobs here and there, but not as much as I should have been so I was not getting any call backs. Through it all my faith in God remained steadfast, I prayed that God would order my steps in the right direction and he did just that. In June 2016, I QUIT! Without a new job lined up, no consistent money coming in, I took a major leap of faith and left the job that I was totally unhappy with. Of course, before I quit I went back and forth with my decision. Many people told me to wait it out, you can’t leave a job without having something else lined up, keep applying you’ll hear from a job soon, don’t just quit! But I decided to go with what I thought was best for MYSELF and left the Postal Service to never look back.


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Throughout the summer, my days were spent totally revamping my blog, re-doing my resume and applying for jobs every. single. day. While working at the Postal Service I was able to save up a good bank of money, so I was not hurting for anything but to not have a consistent check coming in, after awhile, can begin to weigh on anyone. For the first couple of months I had not been receiving any call backs for an interview. My new resume looked amazing, I was consistently submitting applications, but still nothing. I reached out to so many people, family included, that I thought would be able to assist me in my job search, but ultimately nothing came of that. Some days were a little discouraging, but my faith in God and myself kept me going. The time I spent revamping my blog also helped to keep me upbeat throughout the entire process. When you begin to put your energy into positive places and doing things that you genuinely love, there is not much that can damper your spirit.
In September, I started to receive calls back and began landing interviews. I was getting one step closer, so I thought. I went on an interview, which I thought went really well. The interviewers said they would be reaching out within a week. One week, two weeks, three weeks went by and I heard nothing. So at that point it was back to the drawing board. I did have another interview in between that time, but that did not work out either. With the Holiday season approaching, I knew I had to begin weighing my options, but in the middle of October, I finally received a call back with a job offer! The crazy thing is, the job I was offered was not the job that I applied and interviewed for. Ultimately, I was extremely shocked and grateful! The position they offered me was much better and paid much more. Look what having faith in God and a little patience can do! I am now working within an organization that has endless room for growth, amazing benefits and I am making more money than I ever have.

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View More: http://kelsbutcherphotography.pass.us/zenobiaoctober

Throughout this entire experience I’ve learned many life lessons. First and foremost, the importance of placing all of your faith in God. As I said, I reached out to many people, family included, whom I thought would be able to help me, but ultimately all the help I needed came from the Lord! I am proud to say I landed this job on my own, no assistance from anyone. I’ve also learned the importance of following your own heart. Always be mindful that you are not living for anyone else but yourself, and when you begin to follow the voices and opinions of other people, your life is not your own. Believe in yourself, stand for what it is you want, create your own journey, and with patience, everything will fall into place. Lastly, I’ve learned so much about myself and personal endurance! I saw a quote on Instagram that said, “Progress takes place outside the comfort zone”, which I find to be extremely true. So often we settle for things, people, jobs, etc., out of pure comfort when we know we are capable of doing and having better. I’ve learned that I am far from a “settler” with respect to everything I have and want in life. I desire the best for myself, because I believe I am deserving of that. And I can only hope that you feel the same about yourself. I have a lot more I can say about the year 2016, but most of all I am THANKFUL! Thankful for the lessons, the journey, the set backs and the come ups. I hope whomever reads this finds encouragement in their most difficult times, there is a BEAMING LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. I am here to attest to that!



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