So in case you didn’t know, the super flared look is back like never before! I remember when I was in middle school, flared jeans were all I wore until the style evolved into skinny jeans. I love these flared pants in particular because they are super comfortable, with a slightly edgy look and chic appeal. You can pair your flared jeans/pants with your favorite chunky sweater, or dress them up with a stylish blazer for the F/W season. In my opinion, the three super stylish celebs that are known for rocking flared jeans/ pants REALLY well are Kourtney Kardashian, Rachel Zoe and Victoria Beckham. Each of these ladies have their own unique style that I personally love and appreciate. PLUS, they are all mothers who’ve maintained their style even after having children (#mommygoals). I haven’t reached that plateau in life, but when I do, I can only hope that I will still be just as stylish as Kourtney, Rachel and Posh Spice!


I’ve been brainstorming various ideas as to what I want to add to The Posh Perspective for the upcoming year, and I have a few ideas that I am definitely excited about! One concept that I want to incorporate, is space in my blog for sharing my thoughts on topics specific to women within my personal style posts, because my desire is for my readers to get to know a little more about ME, the writer! As a preview, let me share my thoughts around the topic of “Body Image”, which is something that WE women struggle with daily. So for me, I can say without a doubt that I have been 4’11 my entire life, at least that is what it feels like. From elementary school, through high school and college, I was probably one of the smallest students. Did it bother me? Not too much, but with my height and petite stature, people always thought I was MUCH younger than I really was and that is what bothered me. Daily, hearing comments like, “you’re so tiny”, “you can fit in my pocket”, “look how little you are”, became super annoying as I reached adulthood. So of course, there was a time when I wished I was a little taller, and a little more shapely just so I wouldn’t be constantly categorized as a little girl when at the time, I was really 21! And YES! All of this still goes on today, at age 25, because my body has not changed whatsoever. In fact, I’ve slimmed down a little since high school, but the Lord blessed me with a little more shape. Thank God for tiny hips, because otherwise I would really be looking like a toddler! At this point in my life, I’ve accepted my height and body type for what it is, and own it because I have no choice. I remember when I was much younger, my mom would say to me, “you’re a tiny girl and people are going to feel like they can run over you, but never be intimidated by them!”





All this to say, we are living in a time where women are transferring excess fat from their stomachs into their butts, shrinking their waistlines, enhancing their lips, and so much more! The image of the average woman today is probably so different from what it was, not even 20 years ago. In today’s society, many women may be asking themselves how can I compete with the next chick who has this extremely exaggerated butt and overly tiny waist? My answer is YOU DON’T HAVE TO! Understand that your natural body is rare and different, and these doctored up bodies have now become the norm. Have you ever noticed that these nipped and tucked women ALL have the exact same shape?! In my opinion, it’s actually quite bizarre! Ladies, there are so many styles you can try that will hide your waist or accentuate it, make you appear taller, make your breast a little fuller, WHATEVER! Knowing exactly what clothing works for your body is SO important because it can change up your entire appearance, trust what I am saying because it has definitely worked for me.



I’ll rap this all up by saying, be confident in your body image and physical appearance! This goes for plus-size women, itty bitty women, naturally thick women and the 6’0 beautiful stallion women! Know that you are more than enough just the way God made you, and that requires validation from NO ONE! And remember a little cardio, a lot of squats, and a ton of water can also get you that flat stomach and plump booty we ALL want! Not as fast as Dr. Miami can, but “with hard work comes great reward!”



-Details on this look-

Sunnies- Sunglass Spot/ click

Top- River Island/ similar here

Pants- River Island/ click

Heels- Zara/ similar here

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