So I’m not sure if ‘Future’ has amplified this fedora hat trend, but either way I am here for it. Fedora style hats can be paired with any outfit to turn up your look and it’s the perfect cover up for not so good hair days. In addition to fedora’s, I am also loving various shades of camel right now. Camel goes well with most skin tones, plus it is a great neutral color to pair with various looks.

Camel Toned Poncho and Fedora Hat

The poncho I am wearing is SUPER warm, there was no need for additional layering plus my faux fur stole helped out a lot. The stole came attached to a leather moto jacket I have, but to add some flare to my look I decided to wear it on top of my poncho. Mixing and matching has always worked for me!

Camel Toned Poncho

On another note, my best friend Ariel bought me the best planner for Christmas and I love it! Lately I’ve become a lot more organized with what I need to get done for the week, particularly on my off days. Trying to store all you need to do in your mind, sometimes just does not work out. Writing things down in order of priority has really been beneficial for me. Another feature included in my planner, is writing down my monthly goals and the steps I plan on taking to achieve each goal and why. Doing this helps me stay focused, and also reminds me of what I’ve fallen behind on. There are SO many ways to stay organized and on track, and until now I had only used a planner/ agenda book in High School to keep up with my assignments. In College, I used the notes and calendar features in my phone, I’m not totally sure if that was to my advantage or not! It is a proven fact that hand writing is a lot more beneficial than typing. So, we are still in the beginning of the new year and I know we all have a ton of goals stored in our head for the rest of the year. I would definitely suggest investing in a good planner to write down your thoughts and keep track of your goals. I want 2016 to be a year of great success for EVERYONE!

Camel Toned Poncho and Fedora Hat_2

Camel Toned Poncho and Fedora Hat_3

Camel Toned Poncho and Fedora Hat_4

Denim Jeans and Camel Toned Boots

-Details on this look-

Fedora- Forever 21/ similar here

Shawl Poncho- Forever 21/ similar here

Jeans- H&M/ similar here


Camel Toned Poncho and Fedora Hat_5

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