It is exactly 14 days left until the New Year and I cannot believe how fast time flies! I remember exactly what I did for New Years Eve last year and what I wore like it was yesterday. At this point, we are all thinking of our New Year’s resolutions, what we plan to let go of in 2016, and things that we want to accomplish. Have you ever thought to add your style plans for 2016 into that mix? I certainly have! What will make 2016 YOUR most stylish year to date? I put together 5 fashion resolutions that will assist you in your style decision making process and I had some help in doing so. Farfetch is a global fashion community that features over 1,000 top of the line labels. All of the items I put together within this post can be found on !

1.) Winter Color Blocking

I understand that in the Fall and Winter seasons we usually wear darker shades and colors, because we believe in the physics of wearing lighter colored clothes in the summer because they reflect sunlight and keep us cool versus darker clothes which absorb sunlight and keep us warm. FORGET all those “rules” and bring more color into your wardrobe this winter, that is my #1 Fashion resolution for 2016. Add some bright sweaters, printed heels, and solid yet colorful over-sized coats into your wardrobe and begin color blocking! Take a look at style icons Solange and June Ambrose for more ideas on color blocking, they wear the Color Blocking Crowns!


2.) Editorial & Blogging Inspiration

Putting the perfect look together can be difficult at times, even for me especially when I am feeling uninspired, but you don’t always have to pay a stylist to help you. I know as women, a lot of us follow style or outfit inspiration pages on Instagram and various social media outlets but have you ever looked at the editorial or blog section of your favorite online store? If you didn’t know, most of the popular online stores have their own blogs that include a TON of style inspiration. My #2 Fashion resolution is to begin looking at the editorial and blogging pages within your favorite online stores for style inspiration. has an amazing style editorial section for the winter season, click the link for more!


3.) Continued Trends for 2016

Certain fashion trends from 2015 will definitely be carried on to 2016, and faux fur falls into that category! My #3 Fashion resolution is to continue adding faux fur items into my closet. Adding a faux fur vest or cropped coat to a simple outfit can create a super chic look! Take this look on the always stylish Kylie Jenner for example. Her look is so simple, but adding the faux fur took this outfit to a completely different level. To the right, I styled the look the way I would have worn it using items from including this beautiful neon yellow shoulder bag, just to add a pop of color!


4.) Say NO to the comfort zone

My #4 Fashion resolution is simply, stepping out of your comfort zone!

You will never know your strengths and ability to style yourself if you don’t take risks! I have never owned anything camo, and it’s not that I do not like the camo look I have just always been unsure as to how I would rock it and add my own flare to that style. In 2016, I challenge you to buy something you love but have always been skeptical about wearing and step out of your comfort zone. You never know how something will turn out, until you give it a shot. That applies to Fashion as well!

5.) Out with the old, in with the new

My last Fashion resolution for 2016 is a good ol’ closet sweep! We have exactly two weeks left in this year and I am encouraging everyone to clean out their closets, and other areas where you store your clothing, shoes and accessories. About two months ago I did the most intense closet sweep of my life. I have two closets, AND two dressers that I swept out completely. Since then I’ve been adding new items into my wardrobe, and getting dressed has become a lot easier and less time consuming. Just think once you’ve gotten rid of everything you no longer wear, you have a reason to shop and build an entirely new wardrobe. That is incentive enough for me! Once you’ve cleaned out everything and made room for new items visit for the latest designer pieces to add to your NEW wardrobe!


What are some of your Fashion Resolutions for 2016? Comment below, I love new ideas!

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